About Montreal Independent Film Festival:

Montreal Independent Film Festival (MIFF) is an annual and a monthly IMDb qualifying festival dedicated to international and Canadian shorts and features of all genres. All the award winning artists of the monthly editions are further nominated for the weekly annual festival. The annual award winners will be screened and receive cash prizes, bonuses and promotions in publicity. Canadian films and international films compete seperately in the annual festival but the films compete together in the monthly festival. MIFF also introduces the best Canadian film in each monthly and annual festival.  

The monthly festival of MIFF has become very popular by indie filmmakers from all over the world. The festival is an IMDb verified online and virtual competition and it also offers important additional services to all independent filmmakers in screening, marketing and publicity of indie films. The official selections of each monthly edition have the option to screen and promote their films through our partners in media. All the official selections have the option to be featured in various magazines such as Film Daily and Toronto Film Magazine in order to create further publicity.

The monthly festival has promoted and screened hundreds of international and Canadian films and it has featured hundreds of artists in various recognizable film magazines. However, the promotion, screening and publicity are our additional features in our monthly edition and have nothing to do with the competition. Films can enter the monthly competition without these features in publicity and screening. All the award winners will be featured every month through various film magazines, social media, our site and our FilmFreeway. All the award winners of the monthly edition can request to be promoted and screened through Toronto Film Channel. 
Artistic Director

Arsalan Baraheni is a Canadian filmmaker, an author, a poet and the artistic director of Montreal Independent Film Festival. His media company is based in Montreal, Toronto and L.A. His films have premiered at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, Cinema du Parc of Montreal and various art centers and festivals in New York, Milan, Gothenburg, Tel Aviv, Boston, Denver, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Nice, Madrid and Vancouver. Baraheni is also the recipient the 2017 award of the National Press & Media Council of Canda for his contributions to the cultural communities of Canada. Exilic Trilogy features three of his award winning documentaries which premiered on BBC and was also shown in universities in Canada and U.S.
Arsalan is born into a very well known artistic family. His father is a famous poet who was also the president of Pen Canada and a close friend of literary figures such as Arthur Miller, Margaret Atwood, Allen Ginsberg, and Helene Cixous.


Some of the Members of Jury

Members of jury are assigned to various categories of the festival in each edition. Award winning artists of previous editions can also join as a member of jury.

Glen Reynolds is an American producer and distributor based in Los Angeles. His films have premiered in major festivals such as Sundance. He is the founder of Circus Road films in California. Glen has produced over 20 feature Films and distributed over 500 films to major American networks.

Sanaz Sehhati is an actress, a professor and the founder of Toronto International Women Film Festival. She received her masters degree in Literature and arts from the Columbia University in the United States and she resides and works in Canada since 1997. She is also the programmer of Venice Shorts in California. 


Babak Salari is an award winning Montreal based documentary photographer. Babak has been documenting the life of people in the Middle East, Europe, and south America through his experimental social and artistic black and white photography. He is also the recipient of the Gold Addy award from the American Ad Federation in 2004.


Sona Moghadam is the artistic director of Toronto International Women Film Fesitval. She is also a filmmaker and a women’s rights activist. Her 2016 feature documentary premiered at the 56th Krakow Film festival and later won the Women’s voices now award in America for the goal of advocating women's rights through socially impactful films. Sona holds a master of directing in cinema and she is also the founder of Silk Road, a film production and distribution company in Canada. 

Hanna Griffiths  was born in Australia and she resides in LA where she continues her work as a producer of independent feature films. She is also an actress and was the host of the Beverly Hills Film Festival. Griffiths was  also featured in The Hollywood Reporter as one of the celebrities for UNICEF promoting International Women's Day


Thierry Malet is a french composer of film music for over 100 titles in Imdb. In 2006, his film won the Cannes award. He also won the Sacem prize for best film score and was nominated for an Oscar.

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