About Montreal Independent Film Festival:

Montreal Independent Film Festival is a seasonal and annual festival which has turned into one of the most popular visionary festivals on FilmFreeway.


Cannes award winners, Oscar nominees and emerging independent film projects have competed in the seasonal and annual  festival with indie artists and projects of all genres in various sections of the festival.


The festival promotes and screens about three hundred films every year through the online channel and live screenings of the annual festival in cinema.


Some of our films had thousands of views through the online channel in the past few years.  We also promote the seasonal winners through our own online magazine, social media and various partners in the film industry.  We are also an IMDb qualifying event. 

MIFF is a hybrid event which is a blending of traditional forms of festivals with a new form of an online seasonal festival that could create further opportunities for independent film projects to be noticed, awarded, screened and recognized in the film industry. 

Summer Season 2022
August 21st, 2022
Next Annual Festival:
March 25th to April 1st
Cinema du Parc live screening and award ceremony 
Watch Under Spanish Skies
April 19th, 2022
Cinema du Parc of Montreal 
5 PM to 7 PM

Artistic Director

Arsalan Baraheni is a Canadian producer, director, writer and film distributor based in Montreal, Toronto and L.A. His films as a producer and director have premiered at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, Cinema du Parc of Montreal, McGill University, various art centers and festivals in New York, Milan, Gothenburg, Boston, Denver, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Nice, Madrid, and New Jersey. Arsalan Baraheni is also the president of Minima Films and the recipient the 2017 award of the National Press & Media Council of Canada for his contributions to the cultural communities of Canada. He is also a human rights activist and his documentary films are very well known in the Middle East since they premiered on BBC. His latest documentary, A Poet is Killed, was selected and shown at the 2021 International Human Rights Festival in Albania. Exilic Trilogy features three of his documentaries dealing with the theme of exile and arts. His features films are arthouse indie films with an experimental and esthetic approach toward the language of cinema and have been shown in more than twenty cities mainly in U.S. and Canada. Arsalan is also born into a very well known artistic family. His father was a legendary poet and the president of Pen Canada. His latest feature film was also nominated as the best Canadian feature at the Regina Film Festival in Saskatchewan. Baraheni has been working as a producer, writer, director and artistic director for more than a decade now in Canada. 


Award Winners 

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