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Hanna Griffiths was born in Australia and she resides in LA where she continues her work as a producer of independent feature films. She is also an actress and was the host of the Beverly Hills Film Festival. Griffiths was  also featured in The Hollywood Reporter as one of the celebrities for UNICEF promoting International Women's Day


Glen Reynolds is an American producer and distributor based in Los Angeles. His films have premiered in major festivals such as Sundance. He is the founder of Circus Road films in California. Glen has produced over 20 feature Films and distributed over 500 films to major American networks.

Babak Salari is an award winning Montreal based documentary photographer. Babak has been documenting the life of people in the Middle East, Europe, and south America through his experimental social and artistic black and white photography. He is also the recipient of the Gold Addy award from the American Ad Federation in 2004.


Sona Moghadam is the artistic director of Toronto International Women Film Fesitval. She is also a filmmaker and a women’s rights activist. Her 2016 feature documentary premiered at the 56th Krakow Film festival and later won the Women’s voices now award in America for the goal of advocating women's rights through socially impactful films. Sona holds a master of directing in cinema and she is also the founder of Silk Road, a film production and distribution company in Canada. 


Thierry Malet is a french composer of film music for over 100 titles in Imdb. In 2006, his film won the Cannes award. He also won the Sacem prize for best film score and was nominated for an Oscar.

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