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      Winners of Oct/Nov

Announced on Nov 11th, 2020

Best Narrative Feature 
Directed by
Philippe DAJOUX

Best Feature Documentary 
Happy Princes
Directed by
Panos Deligiannis

Best Narrative Short 
Directed by
Matteo Mascotto

Best Short Documentary 
Devil's Gold
Directed by
Alexander Sworik, Daniel Agre

Best Comedy 
Hard work
Directed by
Julie Pacino

Best Horror 
Nature Crawls 
Directed by
Vseant Nath

Best Animation 
Burning Bright
Directed by
Aaron Bierman

Best Experimental
Time Bascule
Directed by
Di Mainstone

Best Environmental
Planted in 2020
Directed by
Santiago Bessai

Best Student Film 

Chinatown: Keep Out
Directed by
Tye Liu


Surviving the Silence
Directed by
Cindy L. Abel

Best Series
Band Ladies
Directed by
Molly Flood

Best Science Fiction
Directed by
David Jung

Best Thriller 
The Fixer
Directed by
Michael Schilf

Best Spiritual Film
Stay Connected
Directed by
Natasha Krishnan

Best Music Video
Directed by
Michelle Rose

Best Female Director 
Directed by
Alicia Buckner

Best Directing 
Love is not Love 
Directed by
Stephen Keep Mills

Best Script
Home Away
Written by: Oliver Yan

Best Producer 
The Cove
Produced by: 
Robert Enriquez

Garrett barghash
Phillip Cook

Best Cinematography 
Red Snow
Directed by
Atalay Tasdiken

Best Actor
Starring: Nicolas Prattes

Best Actress 
Rosie's Rescue
Starring: Tia Link

Best First Time Filmmaker, Best Canadian film & Best Trailer
They Who Surround Us 
Directed by
Troy Ruptash

Best Composer
Orson Rehearsed
Composed and Directed by:
Daron Hagen

Best Edit
Love is Not Love
Edited by: Karen Glienke

Best Independent Film
The Big Ugly 
Directed by
Scott Wiper

Honorable Mention in Short Filmmaking
And Now Shut Your Eyes
Directed by

Tom Nesher

Directed by
Diego Freitas

Magdalena, don't jump
Directed by
Raúl Niño Juárez

Honorable Mention in Series 
Think You Can Shrink?
Directed by
James Murdoch

Suddenly Single in the Suburbs
Directed by
Denise Parella, Eric Francis Melaragni

Honorable Mention in Animation filmmaking
On / Off
Directed by
Nicolas P. Villarreal

Couch Coins
Directed by
Mr Snugglez

Directed by
Kaleena Zanders

Honorable Mention in Experimental 
Nomen Nescio
Directed by
Adonais Areces

Fish also drown
Directed by

Little Prince
Directed by
Odin Lund Biron

Honorable Mention in Documentary
Directed by
Les Guthman

Montreal Together
Directed by
Matthew Smith

Directed by
Nasser Aldhaheri

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